Gjefsjøakevitt (aquavit)

A tribute to Oparasjon Rype - 1945. Produced at Inderøy Distillery, based on pure water, herbs and plants from Gjefsjøen mountain farm in Snåsa.


Local ingredients

Based on pure water, herbs, plants and botanicals from Gjefsjøen mountain farm in Snåsa

A tribute to Operasjon Rype

A tribute to the operators and saboteurs in Operasjon Rype who had their base at Gjefsjøen mountain farm spring 1945


Exclusively distilled at Inderøy Distillery in The Golden Road

Where to buy?

To be ordered and for sale in selected shops in the Norwegian Vinmonopolet



Old traditions and recipes are given new life, together with innovation and experimentation towards new and exciting taste experiences in aquavit. Inderøy Brenneri is located at the farm Berg Gård on Kjerkensvågen in Inderøy along the route “The Golden Road”.

Operasjon rype

Made as a tribute

Operasjon Rype 1945

During the last months of the war in spring 1945, Gjevsjøen was a central place in for the sabotage operation Operasjon Rype. The saboteurs had their base on the mountain farm. Operasion Rype's mission was to sabotage the railway to delay the withdrawal of German troops. The Home Guard's current task force "Rype" has taken its name after the operation.

The aquavit is dedicated to the history of the operators from Operation Grouse 1945

Distilled using water, herbs and botanicals from

Gjefsjøen mountain farm

In Snåsa, there are four mountain farms without a road connection. A trip there is an experience in itself. Only the trip to get to the mountain farms will be able to provide great nature experiences, and when you arrive you will be able to experience how mountain farming has been run through history and is still run today.

The Gjefsjøen mountain farm is located close to the border with Sweden by the fish-rich lake Gjevsjøen and Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park on several sides. Søndre and Nordre Gjevsjøhatt (936 and 975 meters) are characteristic mountains not far from the farm. Further east is the Blåfjella mountains in the neighboring municipality of Lierne, where Blåfjellhatten and Midtiklumpen rise around 1330 meters. The farm is surrounded by wilderness with wide forests and beautiful lakes.

Gjefsjøen Fjellgård
Tapping av akevitt - Inderøy Brenneri

Gjefsjøakevitt - Operasjon Rype 1945

About the product

Produced at Inderøy Brenneri
Alc. 38 % Vol 500 ml
Product number 12804402
Pure and fresh aromas. Floral tones and light sweetness. Suitable alone or in cocktails. Based on plants, herbs and plants from Gjefsjøen Fjellgård in Snåsa. Harvested in collaboration with Trøndelag Sankeri.
Goes well with:
Pork, lamb, shellfish and for aperitif


This pure aquavit contains water, local herbs and botanicals from Gjefsjøen. Using Tunbalderbrå which is Norway's wild pineapple.


Gjefsjø Aquavit can be used in many drink recipes. The Norwegian Bar School has made various drinks of Gjefsjøakevitt.

How to get it?

Where to buy the Aquavit?


Norway´s alcoholic beverage retailer and the only company allowed to sell beverages containing liquor higher than 4.75%. You can order the aquavit at vinmonopolet.no

Vinmonopolet - selected shops

For sale in selected shops from Vinmonopolet.


For sale in selected restaurants, hotels and bars.


Contact Inderøy Brenneri if you are interested in resale and/or export of the aquavit.

Produced and distilled at

Inderøy Brenneri

This aquavit is exclusively distilled and aged by and in cooperation with Svein Berfjord and Inderøy Distillery.

Jim Andre Stene - botanical expert, Trøndelag sankeri

Plants, herbs and botanicals

Trøndelag Sankeri is run by Jim-Andre Stene who every day collects eatable wild plants to offer local, organic and sustainable plants and food to restaurants and private individuals.

As experts in plants, herbs, flavors and wild plants, Jim Andre and Trøndelag Sankeri have been an important partner in finding suitable and local plants and flavors from Gjefsjøen for use in aquavit.

- The most interesting project I have been involved in this year, says Jim-Andre Stene.

Design and graphic artwork by Heidi Holje

Design og grafisk arbeid

Label design and graphic artwork is done by artist Heidi Holje. In the village Kapp by the lake Mjøsa, Heidi works with various art prints, graphic works and paintings. In addition, she teaches art and design in upper secondary school. She also holds various creative courses for all ages.

The design is based on original maps used by Operasjon Rype. The saboteurs' marching routes are marked, some of them also marked with a pencil on the original maps, which are now stored at the Defense Museum Rustkammeret in Trondheim. The drop zone at Gjefsjøen and the crash site on Plukkutjønnfjellet are also marked. On the back of the label you can read the story of Operasjon Rype.

Label printing by Skipnes Kommunikasjon in Trondheim

Gaveesker for akevitt fra Prisonmade Ålesund


Wooden gift boxes

We are proud of our cooperation with the company Prisonmade Ålesund in Ålesund Prison. The prisons school department is a part of Borgund  upper secondary school and responsible for education in Ålesund prison, where the inmates are given the opportunity to take education and vocational training while their prison sentence,  to be better prepared for life outside the walls.

Our exclusive wooden gift boxes are developed and produced by Prisonmade Ålesund.

The gift boxes are not sold via Vinmonopolet, but can be ordered or bought directly from Inderøy Brenneri.

Age your own aquavit

Oak barrels for aquavit

The aquavit is produced with great enthusiasm and curiosity. Old traditions and recipes are given new life, together with innovation and experimentation with new and exciting taste experiences in aquavit

Fat for akevittlagring
Oi Trøndersk mat og drikke

Your guide to taste, drink and food experiences in Trøndelag

Oi Trøndersk mat og drikke

In Trøndelag we are proud of our long-standing food traditions. We have created a food manifesto, where together we carry our food region into the future. We have over 200 producers of food and drink specialties, as well as large-scale food production facilities.
Trøndelag is at the forefront in producing organic meats and dairy. Chefs and restaurants are proud of the local goods and use their craft to hone the dishes and present the best of Trøndelag flavours. Our travel and tourism bureaus lift the food of Trøndelag and offer you new and exceptional culinary experiences.

Trøndelag is our food haven in the middle of Norway and now it’s your food haven too!

Articles, histories and books


There is written books, articles and made TV-programs from Gjefsjøen and about Operasjon Rype. Here you will find some of them

Originale kart fra Operasjon Rype og Gjefsjøen fjellgård i Snåsa. Sabotørenes marsjruter kan sees inntegnet med blyant. Kartene befinner seg på Forsvarsmuseet Rustkammeret i Trondheim

The team

People and cooperators

En stor gruppe entusiaster, dyktige fagfolk og samarbeidspartnere har vært viktige bidragsytere i arbeidet med utvikling og lansering av "Gjefsjøakevitt - Operasjon Rype 1945". Akevitten ville hverken sett dagens lys eller oppnådd samme synlighet og suksess uten alle disse. Her er teamet bak akevitten.

Svein Berfjord

Svein Berfjord

Distiller and owner Berg Gård og Inderøy Brenneri
Nils Christian Gjefsjø

Nils Christian Gjefsjø

Gjefsjøen mountain farm in Snåsa
Lars Bugge Aarset

Lars Bugge Aarset

Jim Andre Stene - botanical expert, Trøndelag sankeri

Jim Andre Stene

Botanical expert - Trøndelag Sankeri
Gunnar Hugås Barskolen.no

Gunnar Hugås

Drink and cocktail expert - Barskolen.no
Heidi Holje Art

Heidi Holje

Label design og graphic artwork
Ebbe Deraas Foto Lars Bugge Aarset

Ebbe Derås

Project leader OSS Gjefsjøen, Colonel (P) Trøndelag Home Guard District 12,
Frode Lindgjerdet - Forsvarsmuseet Rustkammeret

Frode Lindgjerdet

Author and historical consultant, Defense Museum - Forsvarsmuseet Rustkammeret in Trondheim


Startup consulting
Oi Trøndersk mat og drikke

Oi Trøndersk mat og drikke

Your guide to local food, drink and taste experiences in Trøndelag

Skipnes Kommunikasjon

Label print
Prisonmade Ålesund

Prisonmade Ålesund

Wooden gift boxes

Innovasjon Norge

Consulting and startup support

Smart Media

Forsvarsmuseet Rustkammeret

Forsvarsmuseet Rustkammeret

Faglig bistand og utvikling av utstilling


Herbs and plants


Operasjon rype


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