Operasjon Rype 1945

Restoration of the headquarter

The building which was headquarter for Operation Rype was in bad shape after standing empty for years. OSS Gjefsjøen are now restoring the building.

The association OSS Gjefsjøen will convey the story of Operasjon Rype which in the final phase of World War II operated from its base on Gjefsjøen mountain farm. The building will be restored in the original appearance from when Operasjon Rype was carried out.

The building that was used as the headquarters for Operasjon Rype was eventually in very poor condition after being empty for many years. Former commander of Trøndelag Home Guard HV-12 Ebbe Deraas therefore took the initiative to save the historic building. In the spring of 2018 the ambitious project of restoring the building began. Not only was the building in very poor condition, but Gjefsjøen mountain farm also lacks a road connection with the civilization.

During several work days in the spring and summer of 2018, the building and the timber box were dismantled before the timber was driven to the village by snowmobile. At the carpentry company Øverbygg in Snåsa, the timber box was set up indoor and the parts that could not be saved were replaced. In the winter of 2020, the timber was transported back to Gjefsjøen on a snowmobile before the time-consuming work of setting up the building again could begin. The building has now come up again on a new foundation wall and the original materials are reused to the extent possible so that the building can be preserved in the original appearance from when Operasjon Rype was carried out. Among those who have done a good piece of work in the project is the Youth Group from the Home Guard in Trøndelag. The restoration is scheduled for completion in the autumn of 2021.

Financial support

There has been considerable interest in supporting the project financially. GjensidigestiftelsenNordenfjeldske Bykreditts StiftelseStiftelsen UNI og Gunnar Sønsteby Minnefond have all made solid contributions to the work. The Colby family has also contributed a larger amount of money.

Contact information

Project leader and board chairman: Ebbe Deraas
Phone +47 400 21 020
Email ederaas@gmail.com

Board members are Kristian Nastad and Harald Sunde.

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Operasjon rype

I de siste krigsmånedene i 1945 var Gjevsjøen en sentral plass i forbindelse med sabotasjeoperasjon Rype. Sabotørene hadde sin base på fjellgården. Operasjon Rypes mål var å sabotere jernbanen for å forsinke de tyske troppenes tilbaketrekning. Heimevernets nåværende innsatsstyrke “Rype” har tatt navn etter operasjonen.