Gjefsjøen offers accomodation, food and activities

Gjefsjøen mountain farm offers accommodation and rental of four cabins on the farm in addition to Kasttjønnhytta cabin which is located six kilometers west of the farm.

There are good opportunities for fishing in the area, both in Gjefsjøen itself and in several ponds and lakes in the surrounding area. We have boats for rent and offer boat transport from the Swedish side across Gjefsjøen. There are also good hunting opportunities, both for large game and small game.

The farm offers food service, it should be ordered in advance.

Visiting Gjefsjøen is a great trip in itself. There are a number of hiking opportunities in the area, ranging from shorter trips to visiting Gjefsjøen as part of walking all the way Norway along.

Cabins for rent



Rødhytta cabin

Water and solar power

6 beds
2 rooms
45 m2
From 600 NOK

Kasttjønnhytta cabin

A small cabin located 6 km west of the farm

4 beds
1 room
14 m2
From 500 NOK

Bekkstuggu cabin

Probably the oldest building in the farm

4 beds
1 room
30 m2
From 500 NOK

Slåttstuggu cabin

Hot and cold water, shower, 230V electricity and TV

7 beds
3 rooms
60 m2
From 1 000 NOK

Food and drink


Gjefsjøen Fjellgård has the opportunity to serve tasty dishes based on local ingredients.

Bildet viser fisk på tallerken
Bildet viser fisk i kum


Hunting and fishing

Good conditions for outdoor life, hunting and fishing. In Gjevsjøen and the various mountain lakes around, there is good fishing for trout, char and grayling.


Watch Jens Kvernmo catching big trout Gjevsjøen

Jens Kvernmo from Ogndal is a norwegian hunter, outdoorsman and adventurer and author known from the television several TV-series. Jens has visited Snåsafjella a number of times. In the winter of 2015-2016 he lived for three months in Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella. He is probably one of those who know the Trøndelag wilderness best. Here you can watch Jens Kvernmo catching big fish at Gjevsjøen.

Bildet viser båter på elva


Boats for rent

Gjefsjøen mountain farm has several boats for rent




There are good conditions for hunting at Gjefsjøen. At Inatur you can buy hunting licenses for small game on the state property (statsalmenning) in Snåsa

Elgjakt på Gjefsjøen
Flotte turmuligheter på Gjefsjøen


Hiking trips

Cayak or canoe

To paddle across the lakes Grønningen, Langvatnet, Rørsjøen, Gjevsjøen, Holderen, Skjelbreia and back to Grønningen can be done as a roundtrip over several days in cayak or canoe.

The nature is vulnerable

Pay attention to both reindeer, restraint and a fire ban. Especially in the national park, it is desirable that traffic is limited to established and marked trails for hiking.


Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella nasjonalpark

Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella (Southern Sami: Låarte-Skæhkere) National Park in Trøndelag is one of the largest national parks in Norway, with fantastic hiking terrain and many plant and animal species. This is Norway's 4th largest national park, located in the forest and mountain areas northeast of Trøndelag; to the Swedish border.

Morgenstemning på Gjefsjøen