Books have been written, television features have been made, and there is a number of articles about Gjefsjøen and Operasjon Rype throughout the ages. Mostly in Norwegian. Feel free to tell us if there are more stories that should be added.

Scenes from Operasjon Rype are now being recorded in VR

22. March 2022

Scenes from Operasjon Rype are now being recorded as a film in Virtual Reality. The scenes is shot on location at the headquarters at Gjefsjøen Fjellgård. Trygg-Grunn is responsible for the production. Photo: Trygg-Grunn / Per-Erik Daviknes

Operasjon Rype i VR fra Trygg-Grunn Foto Per Erik Daviknes

Filming Operasjon Rype in VR

22. March 2022

Soon you can join the soldiers from OSS / NORSO (The Office of Strategic Services) during planning, reception of airdrops and sabotage actions against Nordlandsbanen in 1945. BRAK VR takes you back in time and you can experience the excitement and challenges the soldiers encountered during the sabotage actions. The VR company Trygg Grunn AS…

OSS Gjefsjøen får kulturprisen 2021 Foto Trøndelag fylkeskommune

Trøndelag County Municipality’s culture prize to OSS Gjefsjøen

15. March 2022

Trøndelag County Municipality’s culture prize goes to the association OSS Gjefsjøen in Snåsa. They receive the award for their work in disseminating the story of Operasjon RYPE, and the restoration of Gjefsjøen mountain farm, which was used as a base for the operation from March 1945. Gjefsjøen was a central place in the last months…

Vinterleden fra Ismenningen til Gjefsjøen fjellgård

Winthertrack from Ismenningen to Gjefsjøen

20. January 2022

Do you want to visit the headquarters of Operasjon RYPE, OSS Gjefsjøen and Gjefsjøen Fjellgård in the winter? You will now find a tour description for the winter track from Ismenningen to Gjefsjøen mountain farm in the Norwegian Tourist Association’s (DNT) tour planner   The most common choice of route for Gjefsjøen in winter…

Roseslottet Haakon Sand & Gudmund Sand/ Sandbox

The Sønstby Prize 2022 to Roseslottet

17. January 2022

the Sønstby Prize 2022!

OSS monument at Arlington

The OSS Society memorial at Arlington National Cemetery

29. December 2021

In December 2021 The OSS Society installed a memorial last week at Arlington National Cemetery to honor OSS personnel killed in action. It’s located near the gravesite of OSS founder General William Donovan in Section Two. General Donovan said OSS personnel performed “some of the bravest acts” of World War II.   Operasjon Rype was…

American War Memorials Overseas

16. September 2021

American War Memorials Overseas works to document, promote, and preserve non-government supported War Memorials honoring Americans outside of the USA to ensure these monuments remain part of local communities forever. Visit the website for Operasjon Rype’s headquarter at Gjefsjøen mountain farm. You can also follow American War Memorials in facebook.

Foto: Kristian Kapelrud, Heimevernet

Opening of the RYPE Headquarter September 3’th 2021

4. September 2021

In 2018, a handful of veterans from the Armed Forces Special Command together with former head of the Home Guard in Trøndelag Ebbe Deraas established the association “ OSS Gjefsjoen ”. In the summer of 2021, the reconstruction of the building that was the headquarters for the operation is completed. Friday, September 3, it was…

Home Guard youth’s volunteer efforts at OSS Gjefsjøen.

12. August 2021

Text: Torgrim Sund. Photo: Torgrim Sund, Kyrre Kraft and Ebbe Deraas Youth from two of the Home Guard’s youth departments in Trøndelag have this year contributed with solid volunteer efforts at OSS Gjefsjøen. “Mountain march summer 2021” started at Ismenningen in Snåsa, the goal was Gjefsjøen, and participation in volunteer work with other defense friends.…

courtesy Lt. Richard A. Bosch bracelet Carpetbagger Plukkutjønnfjellet operasjon Rype Military-com

Fallen US Bombardier’s Bracelet Tells Story Of Secret Missions to Norway in Last Days of WWII

5. July 2021

The slightly dented bracelet found at the back of a chest of drawers in a Norwegian attic bore testimony to an epic tale of daring secret missions behind Nazi lines to free Europe of Hitler’s Germany. Seventy-five years, its return to the family of its owner would be a saga all its own.  

Rype burying their fallen comrades at

Operation Rype, B-24 (“Cookie” 42-40549) Crash Site Memorial Pyramid

16. June 2021

Tidlig om morgenen 7. april 1945 krasjet et av flyene til Operasjon Rype på Plukkutjønnfjellet i Snåsa. Alle ombord omkom. Organisasjonen American War Memorials Overseas, Inc. har laget en informasjonsside for flyulykken og krasjstedet på Plukkutjønnfjellet.

Polansky Crew Carpetrbagger C-24 Operasjon Rype

Operation Rype, B-24 Liberator (42-50331) Crash Site Memorial

16. June 2021

Påskeaften den 30. mars 1945 styrtet et av flyene fra Operasjon Rype ved Kirkwall på Orknøyene. Organisasjonen American War Memorials Overseas, Inc. har laget en informasjonsside også for flyulykken og krasjstedet på Orknøyene.

WW2 sabotage

Operasjon rype

In the last months of the war during spring 1945. Gjefsjøen Mountain Farm was a central location as part of the sabotage operation "Operasjon Rype". The saboteurs had their headquarter at the farm. Operasjon Rype's mission was to sabotage the railroad through Trøndelag and Snåsa. Today Home Guard's task force "Rype" is named after the operation.

Restoring of Operasjon Rype's headquarter

OSS Gjefsjøen

The building which was headquarter for Operation Rype was in bad shape after standing empty for years. OSS Gjefsjøen are now restoring the building. The association OSS Gjefsjøen will convey the story of Operasjon Rype which in the final phase of World War II operated from its base on Gjefsjøen mountain farm. The building will be restored in the original appearance from when Operasjon Rype was carried out.