Text: Torgrim Sund. Photo: Torgrim Sund, Kyrre Kraft and Ebbe Deraas

Youth from two of the Home Guard’s youth departments in Trøndelag have this year contributed with solid volunteer efforts at OSS Gjefsjøen. “Mountain march summer 2021” started at Ismenningen in Snåsa, the goal was Gjefsjøen, and participation in volunteer work with other defense friends.

The intention with of Home Guard Youth’s summer march 2021 has been to increase the motivation to use the Norwegian mountains, and to acquire knowledge and skills to be able to travel safely in the mountains. Also this year, the mountain march has had a military history red thread, this time by looking at the history from Operation RYPE in 1945, to today’s HV12 task force, which got its name from this operation. During the march, the young people have gained an understanding of the importance of the efforts made during the war years to achieve peace. The mission of the HV youths has been solved by going to the same mountain areas that the operators used during the war. The memorial and the wreck at Plukkutjønnfjellet were visited on the first day of the march. HV young people from the departments in Steinkjer and Snåsa have participated in the charity event to restore the building that was used as RYPE HQ. During the five working days, the young people have contributed with painting of walls, ceilings and fixtures, completion of the basement, carpentry work, masonry of the chimney and clearing of the outdoor area. In addition, the time was used for lessons in maps and compasses, swimming in Gjevsjøen and socializing in the evening. Chief of the RYPE force gave the young people a briefing on the operation in 1945, and the current HV12 task force RYPE.

Following the commendable efforts of the Home Guard youth, the project is now well on track for its official opening on 3 September.