The five OSS NORSO Group members who accidentally “invaded” the Swedish village of Lien entered this house shortly after having been rather nicely arrested by a local police officer. I took this photo of Leif Oistad by the house back in 1999. Shortly after I took it we were invited inside the house, by the same kind lady who received the five foreign visitors in 1945. The photos below is from the meeting inside the house and later in a community hall where Leif Oistad and Ron/Sivert Windh* were shown some artifacts they had left behind in 1945. BTW there is a monument for the OSS NORSO Group beside Lien, very close to the spot on the ice where the five fully armed parachutists landed. The othner veteran in the picture is Ron/Sivert Windh – one of the many Swedes in 99th Infantry and one of the few in NORSO Group. *(Sivert Windh changed his name to Ron after the war)

WW2 sabotage

Operasjon rype

In the last months of the war during spring 1945. Gjefsjøen Mountain Farm was a central location as part of the sabotage operation "Operasjon Rype". The saboteurs had their headquarter at the farm. Operasjon Rype's mission was to sabotage the railroad through Trøndelag and Snåsa. Today Home Guard's task force "Rype" is named after the operation.

Restoring of Operasjon Rype's headquarter

OSS Gjefsjøen

The building which was headquarter for Operation Rype was in bad shape after standing empty for years. OSS Gjefsjøen are now restoring the building. The association OSS Gjefsjøen will convey the story of Operasjon Rype which in the final phase of World War II operated from its base on Gjefsjøen mountain farm. The building will be restored in the original appearance from when Operasjon Rype was carried out.

Licour based on local herbs and plants from Gjefsjøen

Gjefsjø­akevitt (Aquavit)

Distilled at Inderøy Brenneri (distillery) based on pure water, plants, herbs and botanicals from Gjefsjøen Mountain Farm. Made as a tribute to the heros from Operasjon Rype who had their base at Gjefsjøen in the end og World War II.