Da NORSO invaderte Sverige.

When OSS NORSO invaded Sweden

The five OSS NORSO Group members who accidentally “invaded” the Swedish village of Lien entered this house shortly after having been rather nicely arrested by a local police officer. I…

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Voluntary work from the Homeguards youth department

  Youths mountain march and voluntary work The youth department from Home guard in Trøndelag has contributed with a solid volunteer effort at OSS Gjefsjøen. In the summer of 2020, this…

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Jørstad bru-sabotasjen

Time witness – a seven-year-old’s experiences from the Jørstad Bridge sabotage

On 13 January 1945, the Norwegian sabotage group Woodlark carried out a sabotage operation against Jørstad bridge in Snåsa. Woodlark was British-led and included members of the Norwegian Independent Company…

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Colby og Helgesen - Operasjon Rype

William Colby’s report from Operasjon Rype

  “SAS operations in Norway: Skis and daggers” OSS Operation RYPE / NORSO During late 1944/early 1945 a sabotage mission to Norway was planned, with the name Operation RYPE (Norwegian…

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NRK- Armbåndet fra Operasjon Rype

NRK – The bracelet

The chest of drawers in the great-granddad’s house hid a story of real courage and top-secret operations. That is until Jørn accidentally pulled out the top drawer of the dresser.…

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Tunbalderbrå - Pineapple mayweed

How the pineapple came to Gjefsjøen

In his notes from Operasjon Rype William Colby tells a story about pineapple “Our base was 30 miles away, and we reached it skiing from tree to tree, stopping only…

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Etikett Gjefsjøakevitt - Design Heidi Holje

Design and graphic artwork by Heidi Holje

Label design and graphic artwork by artist Heidi Holje. In the village Kapp by the lake Mjøsa, Heidi works with different types of art, design, graphic artwork and painting. She…

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The unknown heroes from Operasjon Rype

Easter evening 1945: Two southerners on a top secret mission die when their plane crashes in the Orkney Islands. The operation they were part of may have shortened World War…

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Kampen om Nordlandsbanen

Book – Kampen om Nordlandsbanen (in Norwegian)

Av Frode Lindgjerdet In September 1944, Finland and the Soviet Union made peace. The German troops in Finland were forced out and withdrew through Norway. This made Nordlandsbanen strategically important.…

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William Colby

Cold Response 16: A family legacy continues

Article by Sgt. Kirstin Merrimarahajara – II Marine Expeditionary Force VǼRNES, Norway –Seventy-one years ago during World War II, Army Maj. William E. Colby led a group of over 30…

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