Youths mountain march and voluntary work

The youth department from Home guard in Trøndelag has contributed with a solid volunteer effort at OSS Gjefsjøen. In the summer of 2020, this year’s mountain march was added to Gjefsjøen and volunteer work on the project.

The intention of HVU’s summer march 2020 was to develop skills, good attitudes and increased motivation to travel in mountainous terrain, at the same time as military historical dissemination in order to increase understanding of the importance of the efforts made during the war years to achieve peace. The assignment for the HV youths is solved by going in the same areas as the operators from RYPE, visiting the Tangen bridge and the memorial at Plukkutjønnfjellet, and not least participating in the charity event to restore the building that was used as RYPE HQ. HV young people from Steinkjer, Namsos and Stjørdal have in the period 3.-6. August was responsible for work with the stone wall, masonry of the basement, and assisted with carpentry work. In addition, lessons were conducted in maps, compasses and GPS, and improvised fishing methods. From committed defense friends, the young people received information about the history behind Operation RYPE, and information about the current special operator environment in the Armed Forces and the Emergency Response Troop in the police. Thank you for your fantastic contribution to the project!