Visit from Lars Gyllenhaal

Frode Lindgjerdet, Lars Gyllenhaal og Lars Bugge Aarset

The Swedish war historian Lars Gyllenhaal has visited Trøndelag. He is writing an article for the Swedish newspaper “Hemvärnet” about Gjefsjøen Mountain Farm, OSS Gjefsjoen, and Task Force Rype HV-12. Gyllenhaal has written several books about Swedish military history, where he also writes about OSS special operations in Scandinavia. In May, Gyllenhaal will release the…

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Sønstebø Prize 2023


Gunnar Sønsteby’s life’s work was of a unique character. As a freedom fighter and community builder, he put in a formidable effort for the country in both times of peace and war. With a ballast of decorated courage and desire to live, he took every opportunity to be an advocate of the fundamental values of…

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Jens Stoltenberg is winner of the Sønsteby Prize 2023

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

OSS Gjefsjøen congratulates NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on the Sønsteby Prize 2022! In order to honor Gunnar Sønsteby’s life’s work, as well as contribute to passing on his important message, Gunnar Sønsteby’s Memorial Fund was established in 2013. As an important part of the memorial fund’s work, an annual prize is awarded in Gunnar…

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Search for the missing container from Operasjon Rype

The story goes that one of the containers that was dropped on March 24, 1945 went through the ice and is at the bottom of Gjevsjøen to this day. Alfred Anderson, Gjefsjøgubben, assigned a place to Oddvar Aasvoll during a rowing trip many, many years ago, and Oddvar in turn transferred the place name to…

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The grandfather built the Nordlandsbanen railroad, the grandson was to destroy it! New in this war: Paratroopers with skis.

Bolland Operasjon Rype adresseavisen-16-mai-1945

Article in Adresseavisen 16 May 1945 about Gerhard Bolland who participated in Operasjon Rype. Thanks to Hegge Gård and Museum of Defence – Rustkammeret for having this in the archive. (Caption: The star banner at the top! The paratroopers set up their neighborhood in Phoenix.) The American paratroopers who jumped into the Snåsafjellene on Palm…

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Working on feature film about CIA chief Colby’s war mission in Norway

Jobber med spillefilm om CIA-sjef Colbys krigsoppdrag

William E. Colby led the only American operation on Norwegian soil during the war. Now the story of it can become a movie. Article by Frank Cadamarteri, Adresseavisen (Translated from Norwegian) American and Norwegian soldiers parachuting into the darkness over occupied Norway. Aircraft that crashed. Sabotage actions and enemy German soldiers chasing the soldiers. It…

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Carl Colby visits OSS Gjefsjoen and Gjefsjoen mountain farm


At a time when the will to defend and the will to resist are again decisive in Europe, OSS Gjefsjoen, together with Norwegian and American friends and Gjefsjøen mountain farm, has marked 77 years since the struggle for freedom and democracy had to be fought in Trøndelag mountains. A wreath dedicated to “The spirit of…

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