Almost Home: The Story of the B-24 Crash at Walliwall Orkney – 31 March 1945 Paperback – 25 Jun. 2011 by David W. Earl (Author, Contributor)

ALMOST HOME By David W.Earl. This book is the result of over 14 years research and tells the story behind the worst aviation accident in Orkney history, that of a B-24 Liberator bomber returning from a perilous mission over Norway, to drop a Special Operations Group over hostile territory, along with a store of arms and equipment during Operation RYPE.  However, fate intervened and the crew had no choice but to abort the mission and return to their secondary base in Scotland, but sadly were destined to crash in a field on Orkney with the loss of thirteen men and only one survivor. What went wrong that fateful night? Who were the crew? And why did the identities of the passengers remain a mystery for so long?  The author can now provide the answers to these questions. Originally published in 2011 and now reprinted due to demand Fully illustrated with Colour & B/W photos throughout, the majority having never been published before.